Reapers Day Off:
Football Star

Stage photos of a sculpture.

grim reapers, painting birmingham city fc colour kit, a purple kit and a red kit


The Angel of Death Awaits You. But Not Today

...It's His Day Off.

Reapers Day Off!

Grim Reaper and certificate

Wax-Clay Sculpture. Moulded in RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanising) Silicone Rubber, With Fiberglass Casing. Cast in Polyurethane Resin. Hand Finished in Artist Oils
Size:100 x 76 x 76mm

model in wax-clay
painting on white rubber
painting cast in Birmingham City colours
© 2016 S.Brown.

Sculpture Gallery

My sculpture portfolio in a variety of mediums; grey clay, wax-clay, concrete, polyurethane resin.

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