Fairy Doors

"Have this door and keep it safe,
From prying eyes of people keep.
For a fairy hides and you must seek,
To keep it safe and let it sleep."

a jungle fairy door amongst a hand painted leaf border overlay in a heart shape with a hand painted fairy jumping from the door

Jungle Door

High quality themed fairy doors.

fairy door with jungle vines and a tropical snail pearlescent beetle climbing up the door

This fairy door is home to a Jungle Fairy! It is the 1st in a series of Fairy Doors to Collect.
This door is surrounded by jungle vines and has a Tropical Snail & Pearlescent Beetle! climbing up the door. A little heart shaped window lets your fairy see when it safe to come out!

Dimensions: 140 x 130 x 35mm

© 2015 S.Brown.

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Product Info

Each Fairy Door in the range is:
  • Individually hand painted so each piece is unique, these are not mass produced items.
  • Cold cast from an original Sally Brown sculpture.
  • Freestanding, designed to display on a skirting board or against a wall, on the floor or on a shelf.
  • Door does not open.
  • High quality, fine art grade materials.
  • Individually signed by the artist Sally Brown.
  • Cast & hand-painted to order by artist, please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery, but orders usually completed within a week. If you have a deadline please let me know and I will always try to accommodate.
  • This is not a toy.

Fairy Doors in the Series