Digital Gallery

I am currently open for commissions. Please contact: to enquire about my waiting list.

my digital xp-pen art tablet working on a digital portrait with clip studio

A portfolio of digital art, photo retouching, photo editing/manipulation and design for print and the web

before and after person removed from photo
digital self portrait added in to Mass Effect commander Shepherd armour
orange and white folding leaflet with business logo
Photo Edit before and after background changed from a club to woodlands
crracks and ink blots removed from old damaged photo
portrait on a stamp
Staff heads put on bodies of snowmen
business card design
orange pages damaged and repaired with matching text and borders
wearing blue jacket with paint brush behind ear
digital self portrait as spy with eye holes cut out of newspaper and duck to feed
digital self portrait with a t&c scroll and quill
business card design
fairies dancing around a garden tree
fairies dancing around a garden tree - close up
self portrait with comic book art effect with teeth as eyes