writing a verse in round-hand calligraphy with a dip pen

Please take a look at my calligraphy services and calligraphy portfolio.


a mirrored pair of gatepost gargoyles or chimeras, crouched ready to pounce wings poised

Please take a look at my various sculpture items for sale and my sculpture portfolio.

New Baby

watercolour illustration of 3 teddy bears sitting together with pink and blue bows

Celebrate the New Arrival with Baby Gifts!

Special Occasions

a presentation card to accompany a recognition plaque for a police officer, written in black calligraphy, name in blue.

Anniversaries & Special Events, Coming Soon!


view of a bespoke hand painted badge printed onto order of service

Memorials to Remember a Loved One.

Rainbow Bridge

black and white drawing of border collie dog

Pet Memorials to remember your furry (feathered or scaly!) companion.