Dec 2017

About Me

I have been employed in the Fine Art sector since 1995
Working in Clay Sculpture, Halcyon Days & Disney Enamel Giftware and finally
Manuscript IlluminationDecorative inscribing and illustration of manuscript texts, A.K.A. "A modern day monk" (with better hair)
(Illustration, Calligraphy & Gilding). I now freelance from my home studio near
Walsall in the West Midlands, UK.

photo of my art studio with my digital self standing on the desk

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy viewing my work and exploring my site as much as I enjoyed making it.
I work primarily in the field of Fine Art & Calligraphy along with some Graphic Design, Photo Editing and Photo Manipulation.

While freelancing I enjoy sculpture & mould making, drawing and painting; in both watercolour/gouache and oil mediums. I even try to get outdoors on my bike on the odd occasion!

Cycle stop on the tissington trail at parsley hay derbyshire NCR68

I am exploring Digital Art and enjoy Web Design & Development. I am fluent in hand-coding standards compliant XHTML, HTML & CSS, Accessibility & Usability Issues, SEO and W3C Standards.


Experience gained from employment within the art industry from 1995 onwards:

Design and Sculpture

Designing and sculpting in clay. My initial sculptural work was seen by the Late Denis Parsons MBE, a prestigious Lichfield sculptor who was commissioned by such clients as Lichfield Cathedral, St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and the Palace of Westminster. I was honoured to be invited to attend his home studio once a week for some personal one to one tuition and guidance ...and I can still smell the shellac

Mould Making & Casting

I am self taught in mould making and SWIFTLY (!) moved on from latex to using RTV Silicone Rubber, Plaster Waste Moulds and Glass Fibre. I cast in Polyurethane Resin, Plaster & Plaster Polymer, Ciment Fondu, Cement and... I have some slate and marble fillers yet to try out!

Fine Art Ceramic Painting

a selection of painted gift boxesI have had experience painting on enamel and have worked on Disney & Halcyon Days Enamels in my time employed in Bilston.

Illustration, Calligraphy and Gilding

By far my longest period of time has been spent in the Manuscript Illumination specialism. Since 1999 I have been employed in the fields of illustration, calligraphy and gilding, to varying degrees; Illustrating and Inscribing Books of Remembrance, Cards, Scrolls, Book Covers, Wooden Panels, Wooden Caskets, Certificates, etc and 23ct Gilding with both gold powder and gold leaf (flat and raised).


leaflet design for a child minder

A larger portion of my time has been taken up in the digital fields as time has progressed. I am self taught in Adobe Photoshop and GIMP and have experience in Design for Print & the Web, Web Design & Development, Digital Photography and Database Administration of online & kiosk based digital image archives.

profile picture

As a result, I have gained invaluable experience over a broad spectrum of art techniques and I continue to enjoy developing my knowledge and skills on a daily basis. I intend on extending my digital skills using Clip Studio, Inkscape & Scribus.