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2nd April 2017

Ornament Restoration

I've been given some old garden ornaments to spruce up. They are the Garden Creatures set I made in the mid 90's so they've been out in the elements for about 20 years now, fingers crossed they still look like the same garden creatures by the time I've finished.

I'd quite like to make some new garden ornaments at some point. I keep getting design ideas... Hmmm, now remembering my cement burnt, skin stripped, finger tips. Now there are protective gloves, I know this... but I don't like them, so will continue to complain about sore, chemically burnt, finger tips.

29th March 2017


sample prints on different papers ltd ed prints

After a bit of research at the weekend I sourced another Giclée printers for some new prints. Received my first batch today ...I'm so pleased with the print quality, they have exceeded my expectations. They have a really nice range of papers, loving the sample pack and can't wait to get some more ordered.

Note: I'm also reminded how much I hate cutting mount boards.

20th March 2017


Completed a pencil portrait this week, will share a pic if I get permission from the parents.

EYFS Packs

EYFS logo

Due to demand I'm starting work on some EYFS packages and an EYFS Facebook Page for childminders and nurseries. They will be suitable for home use too, for parents wanting to encourage children's daily activities.

17th February 2017

Calligraphy & Photo Manipulation.

Photo retouch - removing a person and creating an arm

Couple of pieces of calligraphy for Valentines Day and a Wedding this month, followed by a Photoshop edit.

14th January 2017

Happy New Year - Happy New Sculpt.

Beginning a new fairy door, will try to get some stage photographs up soon.

[MARCH UPDATE] Arrgh. It's not happening at the moment too much else on the go + a Full Time job. But at least it's protected from dust. This 1 of the reasons why I use oil based clay won't dry out any time soon!