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11th November 2016

Kuru Toga Mechanicals.

kuru-toga angel sketch

Testing out some "new to me" (..old news to others) mechanical pencils. These self sharpen due to the rotating action of the lead once pressed to the paper. So in theory wear down evenly as it rotates, forming a point.

kuru-toga sketch

Not that impressed with the sharpening so far but they do stay sharper than other mechanicals, I was probably just expecting too much. Think I'll still be using a touch of glasspaper to get a fine point when I need it for miniature work. Using 0.5mm's but will order a 0.3mm too, seems harder to source the smaller leads, hence I got the 0.5's. Bringing me on to...

The Leads

IMPRESSIVE! They are tough, all due to nano diamonds (which I thought was a bit of a gimmick TBH)...not had a lead snap AT ALL yet, even when I accidentally dropped one a metre on to hard tile. Plus they come in really (Ahem) cute little cases.

Off to order some more graphite grades ..and a few more pencils.

UPDATE: A month later and the sharpening is working nicely, ordered a 3B ...and so far no snapped leads!

kuru-toga sketch

...See told you they were cute!

5th November 2016

Desktop Site.

Starting to refresh my desktop site now, just to bring it inline with the mobile site, no major design update yet.
Will it never end!

2nd November 2016

Mobile Web Development.

This mobile site development is taking longer than I expected, fitting it around FT employment. Looking forward to finishing it to start making the art to put on it! I'm starting to see colour in Hex Color Code.

But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel
...and it's not a train!

...It's a   .light{background-color:#ff0; -webkit-border-radius:50%; -moz-border-radius:50%; border-radius:50%; width:12em; height:12em;}

15th October 2016

A Sad Goodbye.

Painted a sentimental brass owl miniature along with finishing off a painting for a special lady this week.

Brass Owl paperweight and purple iris for Aunty Barb Fulfen Cottage, Church Road, Burntwood

4th October 2016

Mobile Web Development.

It's been a while since I did any web development BUT putting some serious effort into my mobile site this month, need to fulfil a dream and become a full time freelancer by next year!

Escape plan and coffee

It's nice to be employed as a full time artist but MUCH nicer to be doing it for myself!

Better leave XHTML behind and pick up some HTML5 know-how now too. Mobile Site Full Steam Ahead!

Notepad html code segment

25th September 2016

Web Design Elements.

Starting work on some new website graphics...

my avatar holding a Terms and Conditions scroll with quill Delivery Image of my avatar on a stamp Privacy Policy Image, my avatar as a spy peeping through eyeholes in a  newspaper

17th July 2016

Digital Art.

Wanted to pick up my Wacom Bamboo Art Tab again in one of those rare spare time moments; decided my avatar needed a long overdue makeover with my not-so-new-now hair cut!

Selfie on rainbow flag background

I fancy upgrading to a new Cintiq HD now!! Time to save up.

January 2016

Studio Furnishing.


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