Fairy Doors

transparent fairy image

Product Info

Each Fairy Door in the range is:

  • Cast in polyurethane resin from a Sally Brown original sculpture.
  • Designed to fit against a skirting board/wall/mantlepiece
  • Dimensions: Vary per design, but always under 140mm high
  • Handpainted in artist grade acrylic and sealed. Colours may vary from those shown
  • Supplied with velcro patches for easy removal during vaccuming (no excuses to skip the chores!).
  • Can be fitted with a hanging hook on request
  • Limited Edition* Doors come complete with Certificate of Authenticity featuring a picture of your fairy.
  • Limited Edition* Doors are individually signed & numbered by the artist Sally Brown.
  • Cast & hand-painted to order by artist, please allow up to 2wks for delivery, but orders usually completed well before. If you have a deadline please let me know and I will always try to accomodate.
* The product page will clearly state if your door is a Limited Edition.
These products are priced higher to reflect the limited cast number,
after which the mould is destroyed and no more casts will be produced.
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