Concept to Collectable

Concept Sketches

Most sculptures begin as simple pencil sketches.

Clay Modelling

Sculptures are initially sculpted in grey clay for the larger pieces and an oil/wax based modelling clay for the smaller items.

Clay modelling at Dennis Parsons MBE studio in Lichfield Reapers Day Off Clay Model


A rubber mould is applied to the model. This reproduces all the detail of the initial clay sculpture. The level of detail achievable is such that it can reproduce a fingerprint impression in the clay.

The rubber mould is encased in a fibreglass casing to give the flexible mould the rigidity required to hold the shape of the statue while the casting process is underway.

Initial rubber coat. Reapers Day Off rubber mould Reapers Day Off Case


A strong cement mix is used for all garden ornaments producing a hardy, weather resistant statue. Polyurethane resin is used on the smaller indoor items, this is an extremely strong, durable material that allows for a highly detailed finish

Reapers Day Off resin cast Painting Reapers Day Off Figurine


The finished outdoor statue is hand painted using water-resistant acrylic paints.

Garden sculpture

Indoor sculptures are finished with the finest quality oil or acrylic paints. All Limited Editions come complete with a signed and sequentially numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Reapers Day Off Figurine
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